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Ataana Method

Supporting Ataana Healing Method Practitioners, healers and Energy Workers


Working in the highest Light, Divine Light Connection Sessions are individually tailored to your specific focus, expertise, modality and areas that are in need of support.

Divine Light Connection Sessions are 3 and 4 hour blocks of focused attention that create confidence and expertise in your personal practice of self-healing, meditation, table work and business mentoring.

Select the “Daily Connection” session to create your practice, or the Full Series for focused, comprehensive one-on-one coaching. Prerequisites apply.

Choose Your Connection


Daily Connection

Designed to deepen your daily energy practice. Connect to your Heart. Create Space. Learn to properly release stagnant energies and resentments. Thanking our Guides. Mantra. Grounding. Includes a 55 minute Ataana Healing Method Session. 4 Hours. $300

No Prerequisite or Ataana Method Energy Healing Part 1 Online/Ataana Method Energy Healing Part 2 Online

Healer Connection

Designed to support the Healer. Daily Practice. Setting up Sacred Space. Client Dialogue. Running energies on the client. Sacred Inner Dialogue. Timing the Session. Closing the Session. Business Consultation. 3 Hours. $300

Prerequisite: Daily Connection/Level 1 Ataana Healing Method

Intention Connection

Connecting deeply with the energies. Working on specific intention, concerns and challenges. Completing topics, information and questions not covered in Session 1 and 2. Includes a 55 minute Ataana Healing Method Session. 3 Hours. $300

Prerequisite: Daily Connection/Healer Connection/Level 1 Ataana Healing Method

Full Suite Connection

A Full Suite of Connection Mentoring in a discounted package. 3-3 hour sessions of one-on-one instruction designed to deepen your practice. Includes 2-55 minute Ataana Healing Method Sessions. Prerequisites apply. Level 1 Ataana Healing Method. $825

 "I believe that helping humanity reconnect to the Light activates the process of self-healing and transformation in order to create a life of authenticity and purpose."

~ Antonia Blue Star