Antonia Blue Star Energy Healer

Transformation For the Soul


Connect To Your Creative Source

Connect To Your Creative Source

Deepen Your Energy Healing Practice


deeply Connect to divine energies

Did you know there is an internal energetic awareness that accompanies the external practice of energy healing and meditation? Amp up your personal and professional practice. Learn to deeply connect to divine energies and forces.


Develop Your Energetic Awareness

The practice of bringing in divine Light activates and energizes the optic nerve. Learn techniques to amplify the expansion of your energetic perception. Develop psychic awareness. Understand practical methods to move your enlightenment forward.

Supporting Ataana Healing Method Practitioners, healers and Energy Workers

Amplify The Expansion of Your Energetic Awareness

Amplify The Expansion of Your Energetic Awareness


Create your daily practice

Open your heart. Connect to Earth and Star. Connect to Source. Activate your Higher Self. Clear and energize your chakras. Release subliminal messages and thoughts that are not your own. From clearing and creating sacred space, utilizing prosperity mantra, to aligning in divine flow, a personal energy practice is the foundation for transformation and professional practice. Establish a gratifying practice that supports transformation, harmony and balance.

move forward in your service

Deeply connect with your clients. Understand the fundamentals of table work. Create a healing space of safety and compassion. Learn to ask the right questions and create working scripts that take your session from beginning to end. Become the healer you are meant to be.

 "I believe that helping humanity reconnect to the Light activates the process of self-healing and transformation in order to create a life of authenticity and purpose."

~ Antonia Blue Star