Antonia Blue Star Energy Healer

Transformation For the Soul

Antonia Blue Star Energy Healer

Antonia Blue Star Energy Healer

 "I believe that helping humanity reconnect to the Light activates the process of self-healing and transformation in order to create a life of authenticity and purpose."

~ Antonia Blue Star

  • experience

  • compassion

  • patience

  • certified level 3 Ataana method teacher in good standing

  • certified ataana Method practitioner

  • over 15 years of ataana method practice

  • certified institute integrative nutrition holistic health coach

  • Training in kundalini yoga, body alignment, raw food cuisine, aromatherapy and natural healing

  • Reiki Master level 3b

  • Understanding the natural world and clearly articulating how to connect

  • artisan and business owner behind alchemy of sol soap emporium

  • thriving energy healing practice

  • All Healers, Practitioners and Light Workers are Supported


I seek to be in my service of spiritual healing for others and myself, to assist those to transform in their own self-healing. I seek joy, happiness and enlightenment.

Having spent many years researching spiritual modalities, technologies, psychological methodology, alchemy and various pseudo-sciences, I have found through the master healer, Ataana Badilli, the blessings of a pure healing modality, The Ataana Healing Method.

This modality, The Ataana Healing Method, is a pure frequency of transformation and is one of the most powerful I have ever had the grace to experience. I have examined every aspect of this beautiful, divine healing method and I give thanks for the beauty and power of its transformation and for the love and eternal patience of the master healer, Ataana Badilli. 

I have experienced the miracles for myself and I practice this blessing of healing for the healing transformation of all beings, seen and unseen. 

Brightest Blessings!

xoxo Antonia Blue Star Energy Healer

    “antonia is an amazing healer. i’ve had training in energy work and have had several experiences with other healers.  antonia has the gift of seeing  energy as well as communicating with your higher self to get to the root of the problem, acknowledge it and let it go. 

i love having sessions in person as she’s very loving and genuinely caring but i must also recommend her distance healing sessions. we’ve done numerous distance sessions together and she garners just as much insight as in person and let me tell ya, i’ve had some serious health issues where i could not get to her studio - being able to relax in my own home and have a phone session with antonia is just supreme !!!  i HIGHLY recommend that !  

antonia, i cannot thank you enough for your sparkling Light and Loving soul.   as my health issues heal i’ve no doubt you have contributed tremendously!    i consider you my own sweet gift from god. 
             thank you ... “