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Compassionate Energy Healing

Compassionate Energy Healing

Your Sacred healing session...

Experience deep relaxation, stress relief, chakra clearing, healing and peace. Clear and release ancient, stagnant energies. Harmonize the chatter in your mind.

“One of the most amazing healing sessions I’ve ever experienced. Each day after, I felt more at peace than I had felt in years”.

Chris P.

What would it feel like to be able to move forward?

We all have issues, trauma and belief systems that can create blocks to becoming our most authentic selves. Releasing long-standing stagnation and bringing to the surface the nature of relationships and behaviors helps to bring clarity, healing and understanding. By bringing in divine Light, energy healing can help transform these loop patterns, feelings of despair and hopelessness. It feels like a weight has been lifted.


We can do this together


The Ataana Healing Method channels divine healing light from the highest source into your living blueprint. This healing light brings to the surface that which requires our attention, to bring about the fastest healing of stagnant issues or traumas which hold us back from our fullest potential.

People may experience a feeling of greater clarity, harmony, balance and synergetic epiphanies with the Universe. Some clients have gone on to experience greater creativity, prosperity, and also fertility.

Health and wholeness is a journey. For some, an energy healing session or series has been known to bring greater clarity and harmony to the client's concerns. Others may wish to go deeper spiritually and learn self-healing techniques, energy healing and gain greater incite of their spiritual depths. I, and the Universe, are here working in the highest, christic frequencies to support you with whatever tools you may need.


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“Dear Antonia,

I am super thankful for the energy you have sent and continue with positive direction. You are focused on becoming individually centered to help us feel our chakras and align with Oneness.

As a PTSD Veteran who knows personal struggle and determination, I am personally honored to allow healing energy and influential guidance from your practice. I am ever grateful for your light and love”.




"Thank you for yesterday's healing was an amazing experience like no other. The visions of the upside down pyramid along with the DNA strands and sound wave energy bands are still very vivid in my mind as well as other images along this ride. Thank you again for such a wonderful heartfelt experience.

Much Love <3"

Becca D


“Antonia has introduced me to a wonderful healing method and philosophy for which she has had many years of training. She is gentle and non-judgmental in her approach, and has been very helpful to me with my inner transformation. I have been on a meaningful journey of self-healing since making contact with Antonia."



“One of the most amazing healing sessions I’ve ever experienced. Each day after I felt more at peace than I had felt in years."

Chris P.


“To Antonia Blue Star:

When I was looking for a different healing method, I met Antonia in one of her Circle Bliss and decided to get a session with her. It was very amazing and the thing I most liked was the connection with the divinity. This is a different method that I would like to recommend for anyone looking for miracle healing."

Thanks Antonia,
M. Swarz

"I believe that helping humanity reconnect to the Light activates the process of self-healing and transformation in order to create a life of authenticity and purpose."

~ Antonia Blue Star