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The Riders of the Sidhe/John Duncan


In the early 1990's I was called to meditate many hours a day. These meditations triggered a bewildering spiritual (kundalini) awakening. I found myself plunged into alternate realities where I experienced the profound mysteries of the multi-verse. It became a matter of self-preservation.

I adapted a familiar cycle. I would have an "experience" and then I would validate and confirm the realizations from the holy books. At times, my inner world would become so accelerated, so enlivened, so magickal, I thought I might go insane. Over the years I have learned to manage this awakening process and the kundalini symptoms. I learned to balance, ground and harmonize my inner reality with the outer, and to help others with their personal alchemy.

For a period of time, spanning about five years, I experienced on a personal and profound level deep christian mystical revelations. This was in complete juxtaposition of my religious life, for I was an avowed neo-pagan at the time. The Universe has a very twisted, cosmic sense of  humor and there I was, my very core violently shaken. These christian "experiences" continued for many years. More mystical experiences ensued and I found I had self-initiated upon the path of an intuitive kabbalist.

Other mysteries and divine realities revealed themselves and with continued meditation my energetic awareness and perception evolved. My path has been many years in the making of acceptance. To evolve and come out of the spiritual closet, revealing my gifts, has been a process of dispelling my fears and stepping into and claiming my authentic self. I am on the journey like everyone else.

I seek to be in my service of spiritual healing for others and myself, to assist those to transform in their own self-healing. I seek joy, happiness and enlightenment. Having spent many years researching spiritual modalities, technologies, psychological methodology, alchemy and various pseudo-sciences, I have found through the master healer, Ataana Badilli, the blessings of a pure healing modality, The Ataana Healing Method.

This modality, The Ataana Healing Method, is a pure frequency of transformation and is one of the most powerful I have ever had the grace to experience. I have examined every aspect of this beautiful, divine healing method and I give thanks for the beauty and power of its transformation and for the love and eternal patience of the master healer, Ataana Badilli. I have experienced the miracles for myself and I practice this blessing of healing in the highest christic and angelic lightbody, for the healing transformation of all beings, seen and unseen.

Enjoy these inspired writings. These realizations are through my personal revelation. I have written these as my personal "truths". Take these nuggets of alchemy as you like. Pour over them. Leave the rest. When I write of "God", "The Christian Mysteries", "Neo-paganism", etc... it is from a pragmatic, universal perspective. 

Brightest Blessings and see you on the other side!

xoxo Antonia Blue Star Energy Healer

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 "I believe that helping humanity reconnect to the Light activates the process of self-healing and transformation in order to create a life of authenticity and purpose."

~ Antonia Blue Star