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Transformation For the Soul

Labrinth St. Marys Photo by Dana Morse

Labrinth St. Marys Photo by Dana Morse

Kind Words

“I met Antonia while traveling in Western North Carolina and working on personal healing. My session with her was incredibly powerful. She helped move some very stagnant and traumatic energy. This has been integral to my healing. She was professional, kind, INCREDIBLY KNOWLEDGEABLE, and the manner in which she conducted the session really put me at ease. I felt cradled with love and safety. I am so grateful and hope to work with her again. Absolutely beautiful experience. Many thanks”.


“Wow what an amazing experience. Excellent service in a wonderful setting. Truly a calming and revitalizing sessions. My highest recommendation”.

Tim B

“I am grateful for all the healings that I have received during the time I know you, and I think the day I met you was a divine appointment.  I have felt changes during the process  and this last healing has helped me a lot with my anger. You are wonderful  and the Ataana method you use too.  I am planning to get another healing and I will let you know soon. Thanks one more time for be there when I need a super healing.  You are the master of healers.  God Bless you.  xoxoxoxxo”  Maritza

“… She helped me clear a black magic curse that was put on me along with many other blockages! I had no idea what to expect but, oh my universe, am I glad I chose her! Will be returning for more work in the near future”.

Thank you beloved!

D. Cortner

“Thank you for the eye opening session! This was my first energy healing session ever. I was looking for a way to heal some trauma from my past. It's been about 2 days since my session and I'm still feeling the internal warmth and strength. I feel like I can move forward and with confidence. She is very sweet and great to talk to, and I look forward to another session with her!”

D. Tipton

“as i sit here this morning sipping my cuppa joe i’m reflecting on my journey of this past year. it was a tough one with some serious health issues and i was not in a place of feeling i could handle it on my own. antonia was there for me.

we did distance healing once a week or as schedules permitted, bringing great comfort, trust in the process and the feeling i was not alone in all of this. her genuine caring and gift as a healer and intuition carried me through when i needed it most for which i will ALWAYS be truly grateful!!!

a shift has taken place and i am now back in a place of my own power, feeling confident, connected, clarity. i appreciate the journey and the people the Universe sent to help me through, antonia i bow my head to you for your roll in my healing. 💚💚💚🦋🙏🙌
thank you. may you be as blessed as those you bless.”

C. Rain

”Hello, Antonia!

I hope you had a great holiday. I first want to thank YOU for the healing you've helped me with at the past few Saturday workshops. 

I saw you last weekend specifically about maintaining self confidence for an important upcoming exam that I have to take…

I also wanted to let you now how much that session helped me. I am working with a tutor to help study, and the next day our session was the most productive, positive session we've ever had. She even mentioned a noticeable difference. So, thank you for that!!”



    “antonia is an amazing healer. i’ve had training in energy work and have had several experiences with other healers.  antonia has the gift of seeing  energy as well as communicating with your higher self to get to the root of the problem, acknowledge it and let it go. 

i love having sessions in person as she’s very loving and genuinely caring but i must also recommend her distance healing sessions. we’ve done numerous distance sessions together and she garners just as much insight as in person and let me tell ya, i’ve had some serious health issues where i could not get to her studio - being able to relax in my own home and have a phone session with antonia is just supreme !!!  i HIGHLY recommend that !  

antonia, i cannot thank you enough for your sparkling Light and Loving soul.   as my health issues heal i’ve no doubt you have contributed tremendously!    i consider you my own sweet gift from god. 
             thank you ... “


“Dear Antonia,

I am super thankful for the energy you have sent and continue with positive direction. You are focused on becoming individually centered to help us feel our chakras and align with Oneness.

As a PTSD Veteran who knows personal struggle and determination, I am personally honored to allow healing energy and influential guidance from your practice. I am ever grateful for your light and love”.




"Thank you for yesterday's healing was an amazing experience like no other. The visions of the upside down pyramid along with the DNA strands and sound wave energy bands are still very vivid in my mind as well as other images along this ride. Thank you again for such a wonderful heartfelt experience. Much Love <3”

Becca D

"Antonia has introduced me to a wonderful healing method and philosophy for which she has had many years of training. She is gentle and non-judgmental in her approach, and has been very helpful to me with my inner transformation. I have been on a meaningful journey of self-healing since making contact with Antonia".


“One of the most amazing healing sessions I’ve ever experienced. Each day after I felt more at peace than I had felt in years”.

Chris P.

“Dear Antonia,

Thanks you so much for the help with your amazing healing session and activate my heart chakra to be more open and connect with people and thanks again for your love and patience. It really was a beautiful help. Thanks for all uncondicitional love that you do in your healing session”.


Paul S.

“To Antonia Blue Star:

When I was looking for a different healing method, I met Antonia in one of her Circle Bliss and decided to get a session with her. It was very amazing and the thing I most liked was the connection with the divinity. This is a different method that I would like to recommend for anyone looking for miracle healing.

Thanks Antonia,"

M. Swarz

“The essential way to heal ones self is through self exploration, dealing directly with trauma, drama and all the illusions of life as they unfold. Some times we as humans get stuck, our energy is not in flow and our lives seem devoid of reason. Energy healing is flow management for the soul. It will not provide a miracle, but it can assist in clearing away mindless internal clutter and help to align ones self and soul into positive flow.

Antonia's healing technique includes positive reinforcement, decluttering, energy transfusion from dark to light and self-acceptance in a world reigned over by hapless egos and selfishness. Energy healing can help you if you are ready to do the work and help yourself. Why live surrounded by darkness? Step into the Light”.

Jack M

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 "I believe that helping humanity reconnect to the Light activates the process of self-healing and transformation in order to create a life of authenticity and purpose."

~ Antonia Blue Star